Is Growth Challenging?

As a Distributor, Are You Struggling With These Challenges?

  • Lacking visibility to customer demand?

  • Missing out on new customers?

  • Losing out to eCommerce marketplaces?

  • Slipping on order bookings & fulfilment?

  • Grappling to keep inventory on track?

  • Process delays in getting/making payments?

  • Lost in a deluge of excel sheets?

Then, it is time for you to replace your clunky system with Distribute360,

Soft-Tech’s All-In-One business solution for distribution businesses just like yours.

What is Distribute360?

Distribute360 is an All-In-One Business Solution meant for wholesalers and distributors.

It is bundled with Epicor ERP User Licenses with implementation support from Soft-Tech Consultants.

With Distribute360, you can stay competitive in a dynamic and challenging business environment.

Harness your CRM to get closer to your Customers

Optimise your Inventory and Procurement

Streamline Accounting to improve Cash Flows

Who can use Distribute360?

Distribute360 is ideal for Distributors across industry verticals shown below.

If you are a distributor in any of these business segments, you should be talking to us.

  • Consumer Goods

  • Electrical Products

  • Plumbing Products

  • Pipe, Valve, Fittings, & Fasteners

  • HVAC Wholesalers

  • Hardware Products

  • Flooring & Tiles

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Welding Products

  • Irrigation & Landscape Products

    • Safety Equipment

    • Medical Supplies

    • Petroleum & Oil Products

    • Packaging Supplies

    • And many more...

Why choose Distribute360?

Key Benefits

  • Easily handle complex B2B transactions and simplify the buying experience.

  • Automation of your routine workflows from order booking to order fulfilment and payment.

  • Customer segmentation using CRM for streamlining order fulfilment, engagement, and building loyalty.

  • E-commerce integration and multichannel sales order processing.

  • Insightful customer analytics in a user-friendly format.

  • Seamless finance & accounting with numerous costing methods (average, last, FIFO, lot, & standard costing) & multi-currency support.

  • Improve logistics control and gain insight across your entire supply chain. Enhance visibility across company, site, warehouse, and bin.

  • Tightly manage your warehouse with inventory control, multichannel order processing, serial tracking, pick planning, and much more.

  • Extensive inventory & procurement management capabilities including demand-driven purchase & kitting suggestions along with multiple units of measurement tracking (enabling buying & selling in different units).

  • Optimized shipping through FedEx drop-shipping and cross-docking functionality.

  • Increase agility and cut out unwanted outflows.

What's bundled with Distribute360?



Get Epicor Licenses. You can avail both on-prem and cloud versions, whichever suits your business.

Custom Implementation

Installation of software, pre-built templates, & security patches to help you switch your business within 45 days.

Reports, Analytics & Support

Manage your business seamlessly with custom reporting, insightful analytics, and AMC services.

Infrastructure Mapping

If you opt for on-prem deployment, Soft-Tech can help you with infrastructure sizing, deployment, and support.

Key Modules of Distribute360


Manage inventory & materials against customers orders through systematic procurement.


Effectively manage inventory levels based on work-in-hand requirements.

Finance & Accounting

Monitor financial performance with customised reports on actual costs, margins, & profits.

Sales & CRM

Maintain customer databases, track sales activities, provide real-time delivery schedule, and engage with key customers.

Payroll Processing

Handle employee paychecks and generate all requisite compliance reporting.

Demand Management

Simplify the way you manage service jobs from planning to scheduling and costing.

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